Exhibition Brochure

This exhibition brochure was made to accompany the “Lex and Love: Meleko Mokgosi” show at the Williams College Museum of Art. The brochure includes a text written specifically for the exhibition and all works of art that were on view.

Meleko Brochure Cara Borelli   Meleko Brochure Cara Borelli


Meleko Brochure Cara Borelli   

Meleko Brochure Cara Borelli


WALLS (Williams Art Loan for Living Spaces) is a fantastic program at the Williams College Museum of Art that allows students to take home an original artwork for the semester. Promotional materials include posters, banners, stickers, and postcards. The program occurs twice a year, which has allowed for progression and adaptations of the WALLS brand.…

Season Celebration Invitations

These invitations were for the Williams College Museum of Art’s (WCMA) Season Celebrations. The event usually occurs after a changeover of all the museum’s exhibitions. Each invitation needs to give a taste of the art that is on view.   Fall 2015                Fall 2017          …

Outdoor Signage

This outdoor signage was designed for the Williams College Museum of Art and includes building banners and road signs. These signs are the first thing many visitors see when coming to the museum and also act as wayfinding devices to help lead visitors to the entrance.

Outdoor Signage Cara BorelliOutdoor Signage Cara Borelli   Outdoor Signage Cara Borelli


As Communications Assistant at the Williams College Museum of Art, I would design EBlasts to promote programs happening at the museum. They would then be sent out through ConstantContact to various email lists.

Object Lab EBlast Cara BorelliAnxiety of Influence EBlast Cara BorelliSlides & Sliders Eblast Cara BorelliNADA Invitation Cara Borelli

Interpretive Exhibition Pamphlet

This interpretive exhibition pamphlet was developed for the exhibition “Both Sides Now: Lexa and Dan Walsh.” The aim of the pamphlet was to help visitors better understand the exhibition since it purposefully lacked expected exhibition elements, such as art object labels. One side shows a “mind map” that draws attention to the connections between objects…

Movie Posters

This series of movie posters features films directed by Stanley Kubrick. The posters share a visual approach, including a prominent image in the foreground, a pattern in the background that expresses a major theme in the film, and a common base line, connecting three very different films visually.

Movie Posters Cara Borelli graphic designer

Movie Posters Cara Borelli graphic designer   Movie Posters Cara Borelli graphic designerMovie Posters Cara Borelli graphic designer

Long River Review

The Long River Review features literary and art works by graduate and undergraduate students of the University of Connecticut. This project was a collaborative effort between several designers and myself to produce the journal and postcard. As part of the typesetting team, I was responsible for the layout and design of the interior matter, and was…